Beside the magazine Place de la Sorbonne, academic contemporary poetry magazine, of which it is the co-founder and leader, the Cultural Service participates in the valorisation of student talents, notably through a important editorial activity/ Two publications, with Sillage editions, punctate each academic year: "Prose en Sorbonne" and "Poésie en Sorbonne".

Diverse publications

Collection : New scenes

Collection led by Michel Viel and Yann Migoubert (Klincksieck editions)

Molière, George Dandin, par la Compagnie des Minuits, text edited and annotated by Patrick Dandrey, photographs by Leonardo Antoniadis, following "Le cauchemar de George Dandin" by Dominique Barbéris, and followed by "George Dandin, une pastorale burlesque ?", by Patrick Dandrey, foreword by Michel Viel, Klincksieck, 2007.

Short Story

Marie-Hortense Lacroix, Le Balayeur de Tatlingrad, Paris-Sorbonne, 2004 (received a prize in the 2001 Eastern Europe Contest, Marie-Hortense Lacroix was offered the publication of her short story by the Cultural Service).




Photo : Céline Rabaud

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