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Visual Arts

Je déclare la guerre aux gens bien | drama
Tuesday 14 May (6:30PM)
Goethe, Brecht et les autres| drama
Friday 17 May (7:45PM)
Exposition art visuel du festival artistique
From Monday 4 to Friday 29 June
La Cage à lapin | drama
Monday 3 June (8PM)
La Fabrique des rêves | musical
Tuesday 4 June (8PM)
Parce que le monde est insupportablement calme| drama
Wednesday 5 June (8:30PM)
Fric-Frac | drama
Thursday 6 June (8PM)
Extraits de tragédies et de comédies du XVIIe siècle | drama
Friday 7 June (6PM)
Les Fâcheux| drama
Friday 7 June (8PM)
Pani Dulska | drama
Tuesday 11 June (8PM) and Wednesday 12 June (2PM)
| drama (German, French surtitles)
Thursday 13 June (8PM) and Friday 14 June (2PM)
Femme capricieuse| drama (Serbian, French surtitles)
Thursday 13 June (2PM) and Friday 14 June (8PM)
Dehors devant la porte | drama (German, French surtitles)
Wednesday 12 June (8PM)Friday 14 June (8PM) and Monday 24 June (8PM)
Ruttet, ett Princessliv | drama (Swedish, French surtitles)
Monday 17 June (8PM) and Tuesday 18 June (2PM)
Le voci di dentro | drama (Italian, French surtitles)
Tuesday 18 June (7:30PM)
and Wednesday 19 June (2PM)
Roi Ours | drama
Thursday 20 June (8PM) and Friday 21 June (2PM)
Andromaque | drama
Thursday 20 June (7:45PM)
Andromaque followed by Sganarelle ou le Cocu imaginaire | drama
Tuesday 25 June (9PM) and Wednesday 27 June (9PM)
Soirée musicale à l’ESPE |concert
Friday 28 June (8:30PM)


The Sorbonne Music Days celebrate in song the fusion which gave birth to Sorbonne University! For this 1st edition, the team welcomes you in the discovery of organisations and music practice workshops of the university. To know more about the programme, find the event's website: Agenda