Engraving & hand-printing


The association Typographique is an editorial and artistic student project, which has as an ambition to go back to hand-printing methods - engraving, silkscreen, press, etc. -, in order to to spread visual and poetic creations. Typographique is opened to students eager to educate themselves in the practice of engraving and hand-printing! The workshop will allow students to (re)discover old printing methods et will be particularly centred around the practice of engraving (on wood and linoleum). In this way, each session, will be the opportunity to practice and to discover new engraving techniques, as well as acquiring a bit of historical and aesthetics knowledge.

The workshop will lead each student to design their own engraved tote bag, as well as a small graphic book (graphzine). Practising drawing is not necessary. Each session will be divided into 2 parts: during the first part (1h30), a new engraving technique will be presented, then applied through exercises; the second part (1h30) will offer everyone the possibility to pursue the realisation of personal projects independently, while still being supervised by us.

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Practical information

Mardi 14h à 17h
Campus Pierre et Marie Curie – EDAC, Salle d’art plastique
L’association Typographique
Starting date
le Mardi 5 octobre

Two possible registrations

Every student and Sorbonne University staff