Russian drama, in French and Russian

The Russian drama workshop resumes its activities for the 2019-2020 school year with the ambition to put together a show for Sorbonne en Scène 2020. The final show, bilingual, will include a performance of the play in one act by Anton Tchékhov, The Wedding, as well as scenes developed during the year on the basis of improv work. Every student of the Sorbonne University, whether they speak Russian or not, are welcomed to the workshop, which will be a chance to read famous and less popular Russian texts (from Gogol to Petrouchevskaïa), to enrich one's theatrical culture and to take part in a great joint artistic project.

Practical information

Friday from 1 to 4PM
Centre Malesherbes – Grand Amphithéâtre
Starting date
Friday 4th October 2019

Registration as specialisation only

All Sorbonne University students
The workshop can be taken as a leisure, with no ECTS credit.


To join the workshop, contact Daria Sinichkina via email
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