The "Théâtre Molière Sorbonne" (TMS) is a school-workshop which is directed at all students of Sorbonne University wishing to experiment with a new way of performing Molière, Corneille or Racine's plays. They are offered to get introduced to theatrical techniques from the 16th to the 18th centuries: declamation, style of acting, scenic movement.e au 18e siècles : déclamation, gestuelle, déplacement scénique. No prerequisite in drama, music and dancing is required.

Aside from the little rhetorical education, the students get a practical training leading to a presentation at the end of the year for the beginners, with a possibility to join the "Théatre Molière-Sorbonne" troupe for the most motivated et the most advanced in the techniques learning. The performances given by the TMS troupe give the opportunity to perform in Paris, in known provinces and international festivals.

Some files or presentation done by voluntary student can lead to validation within the Master, subject to agreement from the teacher in charge.

For those enrolled in L3 in Classics, the training programme is a UE which opens access to ECTS.

Those who wish to bring friends not enrolled at the Sorbonne University can do so: those friends must simple sign up to the "Théatre Molière Sorbonne" association.

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Spectacles  :

  • Le Malade Imaginaire (2022)
  • Sganarelle ou le Cocu imaginaire (2019)

  • Andromaque (2019)
  • Les Fâcheux (2018)

  • Le Tartuffe inconnu (2017)

Practical information

Georges Forestier

Mickaël Bouffard (CELLF)

Jean-Noël Laurenti (CESR)

Sophie Landy (chant)

Guillaume Jablonka (danse)

Starting date
Vendredi 8 octobre 2021


Enseignement (Débutants + UE)

Fridays from 1 to 4:30PM
INSPE Molitor

Atelier (Avancés)

Vendredi de 13h à 18h30
INSPE Molitor

Video directed by Franck Lohyer