The Sonorous Sorbonne

Lire tout haut ce que tout le monde lit tout bas.

This workshop lead by "Les Livreurs", combines reading aloud and public speaking.
Its goal is to introduce to the different techniques which allows one to interpret literary work (novels, essays, poems, tales, letters,...) et to know how to publicly present them.
Through varied examples of texts, students discover how to approach texts whether lyrical, descriptive, intimate or discussed, but also a defence or a political speech. They learn to suggest a universe and an atmosphere, to birth feelings and characters while still leaving the listener free to create their own images.

At the same time, students take on the techniques helping public speaking: stability, posture, collectedness, breath, voice...

The workshop leads to a public performance at the end of the year. It is complementary to the training course Fleurs d’éloquence.

restigious professionals (Thibault de Montalembert, comedian in the show 10%; Xavier Philips, cellist; Michel Vuillermoz, of the 'Comédie Française'; Carole Martinez, writer; Marco Avallone, opera singer; Philippe Bilger, previous Procureur de la république) will take part during the year to bring their experience to the art of Solo Drama.
This training course requires a good knowledge of French (read and spoken). Registration is approved or not by the teacher after the first session.

Practical information

Monday from 7 to 9:30PM
Sorbonne – Salle F671
Starting date
Lundi 4 octobre

Two possible registrations

Every student and Sorbonne University staff
All students enrolled in Third Year in a UFR allowing it (with ECTS validation)

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