Solo Drama

Mieux vaut seul que mal en compagnie

This workshop lead by "Les Livreurs", offers to initiate the students to Solo Drama. One-person show and with their voice as their sole ally, a performer acts out a play in an hour. No decor nor accessories, and still, everything is there: emotional intensity, virtuosity of characters, elegance and humour of the language. The result is astonishing. The format is new and gives a new life to the text - the life of a single person. To know more you can check out our full folder Solo DramaThis workshop is reserved for students with experience in reading aloud or in drama or even an equal.

The workshop leads to a couple public performances at the end of the year. The students also participate in the "Livres en tête" festival and to the Solo Drama Festival. Prestigious professionals (Thibault de Montalembert, comedian in the show 10%; Xavier Philips, cellist; Michel Vuillermoz, of the 'Comédie Française'; Carole Martinez, writer; Marco Avallone, opera singer; Philippe Bilger, Procureur de la république) will take part during the year to bring their experience to the art of Solo Drama. This annual training course requires a good knowledge of French (read and spoken). Registration is approved or not by the teacher after the first session.

Practical information

Tuesday from 7 to 9:30PM
Sorbonne – Salle F671
Starting date
Mardi 5 octobre

Two possible registrations

Every student and Sorbonne University staff
All students enrolled in Third Year in a UFR allowing it (with ECTS validation)

Video directed by Franck Lohyer