OCEN - Orchestra and Choir electro-digital

The Orchestra and Choir electro-digital of the Sorbonne University, between research and creation

Today's music, said "clever" or popular, was developed simultaneously with the emergence of new production instruments and tools. Whether they are electric, electronic or digital, they instilled new musical practice that require to rethink the notions of movement, space and musical time as well as their method of representation and analysis, especially in a context of collective practice.

OCEN, developed within the Sorbonne University, is a musical ensemble at the interface between research and creation. It joins the similar ensembles from Princeton or McGill University. Fed by previous experiences (on-campus artistic residency, Méta-Orchestra creation, ONE's development, Chorus Digitalis activities), the project encompasses:

  • a double "research" component: digital instrument making; collective game modes analysis and research about writing and evaluating;
  • a "creation" component, with orders placed to composers and professional representations.

An individual and collective testing tool

OCEN is an ideal melting pot to experiment with, in a situation, new tools for musical creation. It allows also, to contemplate new ways of thinking about the collective in music, as much in its improvised ou semi-improvised forms as in the exploration of new writings. This new orchestra is at variable-geometry: it centres around a core of performers and incorporates, depending on the works and opportunities, other musicians fully committed to this type of process.

An influential spreading tool of Sorbonne University, OCEN is a part of a participatory artistic practice process: it is open to amateur musician from the university, and offered to all the people interested by the workshops. The latter will enable to experiment with new lute-making and new musical mouvements, to work in collaboration with professional musician and to perform in concerts.

Project team

Hugues Genevois, researcher and musician (LAM /Institut ∂’Alembert)

Christophe d’Alessandro, researcher and musician (LAM /Institut ∂’Alembert)

Pierre Couprie, researcher and musician (IReMus)

Boris Doval, researcher and musician (LAM /Institut ∂’Alembert)

Vincent Goudard, PhD student Collegium Musicæ

Grégoire Locqueville, PhD student

Thomas Lucas, PhD student

Benoît Navarret, researcher and musician (IReMus)

Gabriela Patiño-Lakatos, post-doctoral researcher



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