Drama in Italian "La Mascareta"

This workshop was founded in 2009 in the department of Italian Studies and uses the ressources of drama, poetry and music to stage, each year, a play in Italian (Pirandello, De Filippo, Bontempelli, Calvino, de Luca…). It was born from the meeting between teachers specialised in the performing arts and students from different countries eager to explore the Italian theatre register.

The love for the Italian language - its clarity, its unique humour, its artistic and philosophical potential - constitutes the base ingredient of this workshop. The attention to others, the taste for interaction and the sense of 'team' are precious assets. Numerous talents can be expressed: elaboration of soundtrack, editing and making surtitles in French, search for costumes and accessories, stage preparation, linguistic coaching...

Within the workshop, students who have Italian as their mother tongue (mostly Erasmus student in our university) or having learned Italian in different situations meet; some already have experience in the performing arts (drama, singing, dance, instruments...), others are motivated by an eager to tackle the performing arts. Those different world cohabit really well as long as everybody - in their own way - is willing to take up a joint artistic challenge, particularly gratifying for its final beauty.

The first classes are focused of the troupe cohesion through the interpretation of excerpts from the classics repertoire and theatrical readings. The students therefore participate actively in the choice of the play which they will work on throughout the year. Depending on the play chosen and once the memorisation of the role is done, an entertainment professional can be invited to the rehearsals , in order to further the actors' interpretation.

The drama workshop of the Italian Studies department can be chosen in Licence as a free specialisation or as a language, giving ECTS credits.

C1/C2 level in Italian required

But the basic motivation must be above all artistic in order to allow the making of quality shows.

Practical information

Fridays from 4 to 7 PM
Centre Malesherbes – Salle 344/Grand amphithéâtre
Starting date
Friday 20th September 2019

Two possible registrations

All Sorbonne University students
All student enrolled at the Sorbonne Unviersity and in a department allows it (free specialisation with ECTS validation)


To join the workshop, contact Isabella Montersino via mail, in order to make an appointment for a personal interview (even throughout the academic year).
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Photo : Olivier Jacquet, Faculté des Lettres de Sorbonne Université