Fleurs d’éloquence

The "Fleurs d'éloquence" training course can be chosen as a specialisation (as a free UE) by the third year students (only offered for the Sorbonne University's Faculty of Arts) or as a Leisureoffered to all Sorbonne University and UTC students.

It is addressed to all students wishing to get better at practicing speeches. Provided by teachers specialists in rhetoric and by public speaking professionals, it prepares students for the public speaking contest Fleurs d'éloquence.


NB: participation to the contest is in no way mandatory for a validation of the specialisation.

The training course, of an 18 hours duration, takes place from the beginning on February until the end of March at a rate of on to two classes per week, in the evening (6:30-8:30PM). Dates and time are clarified on the website www.fleursdeloquence.comThe specialisation "Fleurs d'éloquence" is validated through continuous assessment during the training course. The assessment modalities are clarified by each teacher during the first class.