Démodocos – advanced

The Cultural Service - in collaboration with the Musicology, Greek and Latin Departments - offers you a "Démodocos" workshop of drama and Antiquity choir. The Démodocos organisation, made out of students, teachers and professionals, took on, since 1995, the mission to promote Antiquity literature through theatrical practice. The workshop is lead by Philippe Brunet (staging) and François Cam (music).

The workshop is a part of the GTA (Sorbonne's Antique Drama Group) initiated in 1935 by Roland Barthes and Jacques Veil; this group of students and teachers from the Sorbonne whom performed, for more than a quarter of a century, Antique plays (notably The Persians by Aeschylus). The students who already have experience in choir singing have the possibility to participate in the Antique choir of the Sorbonne under the supervision of François Cam, Hellenist and musicologist.

This initiative is led by two ambitions: bring Antique music and choir back to life through performances and offer further and unique musical training to singing, musician and musicologists students. Each year, voluntary students take part in the Antique drama festival of the Dionysies.

Practical information

Mardi de 18H30 à 20H30
Campus Pierre et Marie Curie – Espace des Arts et de la Culture
Philippe Brunet et François Cam
Starting date
Mardi 4 octobre

Two possible registrations

All student and staff from the Sorbonne Universities
All students enrolled in third year in departments allowing it + students in musicology + student in second year in classics

Video directed by Franck Lohyer