Modern choir

The inter-university modern choir is supervised by the organisation La Clef des Chants Ensemble, under the leadership of Benoît Reeves. It is open to all Sorbonne University students (10€/year) as well as the administrative and teaching staff (60€/year). Those admission fees are intended to cover copyrights. The knowledge of reading music is not necessary. This choir is open to all and offers many rehearsal time slots.

The class, accompanied by a piano, is divided in three parts: warm-ups, approach of one or two new pieces of work, finishing touches on works from the previous weeks and songs voted in in the course of the previous year.

Provided equipment: sheet music / Recordings: mp3 documents (joined voices; separated desks for beginners).

By joining this workshop, you are required to respect the charter from the organisation 'La Clef des Chants'.

Practical information

Tuesday from 12 to 2PM
Sorbonne – Amphithéâtre Richelieu
Starting date
mardi 5 octobre

Two possible registrations

Every student and Sorbonne University staff
All students enrolled in Third Year in a UFR allowing it (with ECTS validation)

Video directed by Franck Lohyer